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diamondback: "snake-eyed rock at the Falcon Club"

Track List

  1. Looking East
  2. See Jane Dance
  3. Handbags & Glad Rags
  4. Road To Hell
  5. Letters From The Wasteland
  6. My Thanksgiving
  7. Show Me The Way
  8. White Room
  9. Steamy Windows
  10. Rock 'n' Me
  11. Lido Shuffle
  12. Money For Nothing
  13. You Really Got Me
  14. Smoke On The Water
  15. Gimme All Your Lovin'
  16. Sharp Dressed Man
  17. You Can Go Your Own Way
  18. Boys Are Back In Town
diamondback - snake-eyed rock at the Falcon Club
Recorded at the Falcon Club, Egremont on 15th June 2002   cactus logo
See the diamondback web-site for more info about the band cactus
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