diamondback - snake-eyed rock from then until now

Kev's Gear:

Yamaha RBX765A (click for larger pic)

Yamaha RBX765A five string bass

Maple Neck 34", 24 frets
Rosewood Finger Board
Alder Body (translucent green)
Two Humbucker Pickups
Active Controls (bass, treble, volume, pan)
Gold Hardware

Rotosound "Swing Bass" Strings
SM665 Stainless Steel Roundwound
Guages 40-60-80-100-125

Fender Jazz Fretless (click here for larger image)

Fender Jazz fretless

Maple Neck 34", with 20 fretlines
Rosewood Finger Board
Alder Body (midnight wine)
Two Vintage Jazz Single Coil Pickups
Volume, volume, master tone
Chrome Hardware

Fender Strings
9050L Stainless Steel Flatwound
Guages 45-60-80-95


DiMarzio ClipLock Quick Release Guitar Straps


JHS GS2114B Hanging Guitar Stands


Zoom BFX708 Bass Effects Processor


SWR Workingman's 15 Bass Combo

15" custom SWR driver + piezo horn
160 Watts RMS
XLR balanced D.I. output
Tuner out / Headphone out
Active / Passive inputs
Pre-amp clip LED / Input Gain
Aural Enhancer
3-band EQ with swept mid-range
Transparency control
Effects loop with blend control
Horn defeat switch
Automatic limiter
Limiter active LED / Limiter defeat switch

Shure SM58 Microphone


Hats by "Christy's of London"

supplied by "Finishing Touches" of
Whitehaven, Cumbria

Tel: 01946-65590

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