diamondback - snake-eyed rock from then until now

Doc Halliday's Gear:

Premier Premier Genista Drums (Cobalt Blue, Birch)
Kick Drum 22"
Hanging Tom 14"
Medium Tom 12"
Small Tom 10"
Omar Hakim Signature Snare Pearl maple snare drum (14" x 6.5")
Pearl Power Piccolo ‘Omar Hakim’ Signature Series
(13" x 5") mahogany snare drum
Sabian HH Fusion Hats
10" Stagg Brilliant Splash
13" Sabian AAX Fast-Hats
14" Sabian Hand-Hammered Fusion Hi-Hats
16" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
17" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
17" Zildjian 'K' Dark Crash
17" Sabian AAX Studio Crash
20" Sabian AAX Dry Ride
Evans Drum Heads Pearl Drum Rack
Vic Firth ‘Okira Jimbo’ Drumsticks (5b)
Evans Drum Heads
Tama Iron Cobra Aquarian Super Kick II kick drum batter head

Tama Iron Cobra
'Flexi-Glide' kick drum pedal
SIB KM Pro II Beyer Opus 67 SIB KM Pro II Kick Drum Microphone
Beyer Opus 67 dynamic mic for the snare
(snare mic'd from underneath)
Beyer Opus 67 dynamic mic for the each tom
Overhead Electret Condenser Mics for cymbals
Beyer Dynamic DT102 Beyer Dynamic
DT102 headphones for monitoring

Latin Percussion

Medium "Fish" guiro (left)
Vibra-slap (right)

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