Gigging in West Cumberland 1971-1972

OCEAN: "Live at the Towbar, Nethertown 25th August 1972"

Steve Evans(guitar/keyboard and lead vocals)
Eric Hodgson(drums and backing vocals)
Alex Wilkinson(lead guitar and backing vocals)
Kev Farish(bass guitar and backing vocals)

The recording captured on this CD was originally made by a friend of the band, Mike Forest, on a Philips cassette recorder, using only a stereo pair of microphones. The quality is pretty good, considering the rather primitive (by today's standards) equipment used.

Track List
Disc 1Disc 2
Walking On SunsetMaggie May
When Julie Comes AroundMe & You & A Dog Named Boo
Hot LoveI Wanna Hold Your Hand
RadancerProud Mary
Son of My FatherCousin Norman
What Are You Doing SundayBrown Sugar
N.I.B.Knock Three Times
Funny FunnyCrossroads
Oh GirlAll Right Now
Every Little ThingRadancer
LucilleRide A White Swan
Lady EleanorWhat Are You Doing Sunday
Little WillyHonky Tonk Women
Paint It BlackEvery Little Thing
 We Used To Know
First Set
Walking On Sunset
When Julie Comes Around
Hot Love
Son Of My Father
What Are You Doing Sunday
Funny Funny
Oh Girl
Every Little Thing
Lady Eleanor
Little Willy
Paint It Black
Second Set
Maggie May
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Proud Mary
Cousin Norman
Brown Sugar
Knock Three Times
All Right Now
Ride A White Swan
What Are You Doing Sunday
Honky Tonk Women
Every Little Thing
We Used To Know